“This is a really useful resource. My query was dealt with very quickly, by eminent experts in the field, and saved me a good deal of time which I would have spent searching for the right data sets. Most importantly, the scientists to whom Climate Science Rapid Response Team connected me pointed me straight to the primary sources, ensuring that I didn’t need to rely on secondary material. This is a great asset to the media, and I strongly urge other journalists to make use of it.”
George Monbiot, The Guardian (UK)
“I asked a difficult question about ice cores and was impressed by the efforts the team made to find the right people to respond. The response was balanced, stating clearly what was known but also the uncertainties.”
Ben Webster, The Times (London)
“We chose to test the new Climate Science Rapid Response Team, a scientist-run initiative to link top climate scientists with the media officially launched today. After we submitted questions about Lomborg’s claims to the team, we received comprehensive answers from three top climate scientists within 48 hours, even though we made our inquiries before the official launch.”
Brad Johnson, Center for American Progress Action Fund
“I called the Climate Response Team looking for someone for an online chat, and they promptly suggested NASA's Gavin Schmidt, who provided interesting commentary for the event.”
Eli Kintisch, Science Magazine
"A 'rapid response' team is an inspired idea for debunking canards before they gain traction in the general media, as well as being a great tool for journalists serious about trying to understand and accurately report the complexities of climate science."
John Gibbons, Climatechange.ie
“Though I felt my question was perhaps tough because it was somewhat general, the team took it seriously and two members quickly replied in a very clear way. I think this initiative is bang-on because I have a sense that it is precisely the small science details that, when properly explained and coming directly from experts, can be the building blocks of overall understanding for us laypeople."
Carol Smith, Editor of Our World 2.0 Web Magazine